How We Charge

Property Advisory Services is a professional services firm. I pride myself on listening to my clients needs and believe in being paid for the work I undertake, as I undertake it. This is sound financial management and ensures I can continue to invest in my clients wellbeing and high quality service delivery.

Depending on your needs and the selected service, my fees are based on a fixed project fee or head hours basis. Whatever service you require from me, you will always know how much you are going to pay. There will be no hidden extras or surprises.

I am confident you will find my innovative approach and negotiation skills are worth far more than your investment in my services. Please Contact Us to discuss your needs and the appropriate fee structure based on your specific requirements.

A Word About Fees:

  • Unlike some Buyers Agents, Property Advisory Services does not accept referral fees or conjunction payments from agents for referring or recommending a particular property. We see this as a moral hazard and recommend property only on the basis that it is right for you. When engaging a Buyers Agent they are legally required to disclose if they accept a fee from a selling agent or any incentive and you should ask if they do not disclose this fact.
  • Some Buyers Agents charge a percentage of the eventual purchase price as a fee. Property Advisory Service does not. This method bears no relation to the work undertaken and logically, if a fee is linked to purchase price, where is the incentive to negotiate the best price for you?